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Month: July 2017

5 Tips For Starting Conversations Without Alcohol

I used alcohol primarily as a social lubricant. I seemed to be completely unable to hold my end of a conversation without it. Probably the hardest part was just getting the talk going with a stranger. I remember thinking: “How can people just walk up to each other and start talking??” The idea was so far from anything I knew how to do.

What Do k-os and Peer Pressure Have In Common?

For myself, after a while I could walk past a liquor store with no problems. If I was eating out a restaurant I wouldn’t even pick up the drink menu. I was comfortable not drinking when the option was mine to take or leave. However, when I was put into a high pressure social situation that same “tale it or leave it” attitude crumbled pretty quickly and it became a lot harder to refuse a drink. The problem is, some people know that it is much harder to refuse a drink when put on the spot and the pressure is…

An Old Buddy Texted Me “Quit Drinking As Of Today…”

It’s great when people feel they can come to you for help but if you don’t use the right approach you may drive them away instead. It was a particularly slow weekend at work, one of those days where it wasn’t quiet slow enough to completely relax but not busy enough for the time to speed by – just really dragging on. I felt my phone start vibrating in my pocket and as a welcome distraction I quickly pulled it out to see what was going on. Someone I’ve known for years and still consider a good friend had sent…