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Month: August 2017

Does Everyone Who Drinks Get Addicted Eventually?

Hello fellow Architects! I was reading some forums this week and someone said something that caught my eye. They said that EVERYONE who drinks will eventually become addicted, they are just at different stages of addiction. The idea seems like it would make sense. Something along the lines of: “People get addicted to alcohol so it must be an addictive substance. When you do any drug long enough, you will get addicted to it. Therefore, everyone gets addicted at some point – its just a matter of time.” I can follow that line of thought but the truth is –…

Is Alcohol Addiction Physical or Mental?

The key that unlocked the mystery of addiction wide open for me was awareness. Back when I was drinking myself into insanity, I had no concept of why I was doing of the things I was doing – I was in pure and constant reaction. Getting those evening cravings? Drink. Being bored out of my skull? Drink. Feeling like I am useless and have an overwhelming urge for destructive behavior? You better believe drink.