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Sober Foundations was created out of necessity.

This Used To Be Me: In A Constant State Of Dissociation – I Didn’t Drink To Get Drunk, I Drank To Escape Myself

My name is Bill Kearse, I’m the writer for Sober Foundations and I lost control of my life for over ten years because of alcohol. Drinking was everything to me, I used booze to:

  • Deal with social awkwardness – I’m an introvert and drinking made me less nervous and more outgoing in social situations
  • Make me not care about my frustration with my dead-end job – drinking was my way of forgetting about stress for a few hours
  • Forget about my loneliness – with nothing to do I’d become very lonely and drink to escape the feelings of unhappiness and depression
  • Give me confidence – I felt I could become the person I always wanted to by when drinking but then had to keep drinking to maintain it
  • Self medicate my anxiety – I had anxiety throughout the day but it seemed to be especially bad in the evening and I couldn’t deal with it. Soon the drinking caused the anxiety and I had to drink to cope.
This Is How I Looked 24/7 – Pale, Sweaty, Out Of Breath, One Eye Drooping. I Was Just Drinking To Maintain At This Point

When I wasn’t drunk I was hungover, and when I was hungover I was in a constant state of anxiety and panic attacks. My body would shake if I didn’t drink. I needed alcohol just to be able to function. This lead to me needing to drink earlier and earlier in the day and doing more “normal” activities drunk. I would be completely wasted by the end of each night and my behavior deteriorated quickly throughout the day.

Struggling To Keep My Head Up, Completely Unaware Of Where I Was, And Just Pissed Myself. Although I Was “Maintaining” I Was Clearly Falling Apart.

Once my drinking became so bad I was drinking in secret, driving while drunk, and even going as far to drink rubbing alcohol (on more than one occasion) I decided I needed to make an IMMEDIATE change to my life.

I tried the conventional routes to stop drinking to me were ineffective, filled with people I had trouble relating to (people 15+ years my senior) or had ulterior (usually religious) motives that I just could not overlook.

This lead me on a mission to find out how to effectively stop drinking while at the same time improving all those aspects of my life that I used alcohol to cope with before. I read everything I could get my hands on, taking the pieces that were useful and discarding the rest.

I can tell you with no doubt that I am now:

  • Healthier
  • Happier
  • More emotionally stable
  • More confident
  • Am able to speak to people without anxiety
  • In a wonderful relationship that isn’t under constant stress from my drinking

I am not much for the spotlight but seeing how much this information changed my life I felt the need to create this blog and offer what worked for me to others.

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