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Does Everyone Who Drinks Get Addicted Eventually?

Hello fellow Architects!

I was reading some forums this week and someone said something that caught my eye. They said that EVERYONE who drinks will eventually become addicted, they are just at different stages of addiction.

The idea seems like it would make sense. Something along the lines of: “People get addicted to alcohol so it must be an addictive substance. When you do any drug long enough, you will get addicted to it. Therefore, everyone gets addicted at some point – its just a matter of time.” I can follow that line of thought but the truth is – that’s just not how alcohol addiction works. Alcohol addiction doesn’t affect everyone and the people that do become addicted to it do for under very specific circumstances.

Alcohol is not inherently addictive in the sense that as soon as it touches your lips you are now started down the path of addiction. It BECOMES addictive when it is it becomes your only way to manage your emotions or when it is drank so often that physical dependence occurs. Regardless of which one comes first once either one has started they tend to lead into each other and become a cycle of drinking to get rid of bad feelings – waking up and having to deal with withdrawals and drinking again to not feel bad.

If a person already has healthy ways to deal with stress, anxiety, or sadness and doesn’t resort to drinking OR if they do drink during those times but still have higher goals and priorities in life that they will stop drinking to return to – they will not drink often enough to become physically dependent.

Some people have taken to demonizing alcohol in itself (ex. “the demon rum.”) Blaming alcohol as the cause of the problem. The fact is, alcohol isn’t evil – it doesn’t  have an agenda. It’s use and effects are entirely dependent on the person using it and how they CHOOSE to do so. Not everyone who drinks will become addicted – some people will if they don’t have healthy ways to manage emotions. Does this mean these us who never learned them are just doomed forever? Of course not – but it is us to up to BUILD those new structures.

Before we can start building those new foundations – we need to be able to tear down our false beliefs that  alcohol will solve our emotional needs. Learn more about how relapses are tied to emotional overwhelm in Early Warning System for free by entering your info below.

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