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How I Really Feel About Treatment Centers

I know I might lose some readers on this post but I need to get this out: MOST TREATMENT CENTERS ARE MORE INTERESTED IN TRYING TO TAKE EVERY LAST CENT YOU OWN THAN HELPING YOU!

I get a lot of emails from treatment centers and it’s always the exact same thing:

Generic intro,

Single generic sentence about the website.

Who they are.

A request for me to link to their rehab facility.

Some of these emails are REALLY bad. I actually had one person open the email asking if I was still updating the site…really?! You couldn’t have took a few minutes to actually look at the website and notice the dates of the posts??? These places just send out mass copy and paste emails with the hope of getting bloggers to drive people to their centers and sign up.

Am I saying that getting help to stop drinking is bad? Of course not, the difference is these places tend to cost a lot of money for people who are at a very vulnerable time in their lives, where they usually do not have a lot of money, and puts them in a position to have to borrow money or go into massive debt. There are a lot more effective, affordable, and reasonable ways to get sober that are available to everyone.

Most treatment centers:

  1. Have Terrible Success Rates
    Most are based around a 12 Step Program with very little long term success. Sure these programs may work for SOME but most studies find the actual success rate to be around 20% OR LESS! Clearly this is not the best method for MOST people yet it remains the most popular.
  2. Are More Harmful Than Good Mentally
    These are also the same places that will try to convince people that alcoholism is hereditary, a lifelong affliction, “once an addict, always an addict.” None of these things are true and believing them only makes it harder for those trying to quit to succeed.
  3. Are Just Glorified Spots To Detox – Not A Place To Learn How To Get Sober For Good
    The truth is these places are really just a spot to detox and be away from easily accessible alcohol and immediate temptation in the forms of drinking buddies. You can taper off alcohol at home and remove the unwanted people from your life without spending thousands of dollars.

Look, people have been getting (and staying) sober for a LONG time without the use of treatment centers. In fact, the majority of people who get and stay sober do it by themselves! No support groups, no steps, no centers. Don’t fall victim to these places that prey on people when they are desperate for a solution. You don’t need to go bankrupt to get sober.

After getting past physical withdrawal the rest of staying sober is a mental change in thinking. Enter your info below to get a copy of my free ebook that goes over a relapse detection and prevention technique that I have used myself

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